About us

Clyde Recycling Ltd is a professional clothing and textiles recycling company with over 20 years industry experience. From our modern recycling facility in Glasgow we recycle high quality second hand clothing and export to all over the world.

We believe strongly in the work that Clyde Recycling Ltd does and feel that we provide a service to the local community. By handling to logistics of clothing donations on behalf of charities, we free their resources to carry out their work. We also know that the recycling work that we undertake benefits people in other parts of the world as well as reducing the impact that textile manufacturing has on the environment.

Textile recycling has a large place in the modern world. Clothing production and distribution causes a lot of pollution and there are thousands of items of quality clothes thrown away every week in this country. With so much need in the developing world, it seems senseless that these items should simply end up in a land fill site.